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The J Liu Acupuncture Massage & Herbs

On Sept. 2010 Kathy N. wrote:

"In July of 2009 I was suffering from severe adrenal fatigue. I was unable to work or do normal tasks due to complete exhaustion, mental blurriness, anxiety, cold and noise sensitivity, etc. After a year of treatment with acupunture, herbs, massage, foot massage and deep tissue work, I have been back at work for 9 months and am much stronger. Some symptoms are gone and others are much milder. I look forward to a complete recovery! Dr. Liu ad her people have an amazing level of skill, and treat their patients with kindness and integrity. I highly recommend them."


Reviews on Yelp:

On 07/24/2011Judy K. Wrote:

"This place makes me feel like I am in a clean part of China.  Dr. Liu has had over 30 years of experience as a Doctor in China and doing acupuncture. She does Tai Chi with the sword. She is professional, super sweet, and very honest.  She also really really knows what she is doing. I took my significant other there who was extremely skeptical since acupuncture didn't really work on him before. Even he was impressed by the end of his treatment. Dr. Liu used needles, a hot custom made herbal compress and massage to help with his numerous 12 year old injuries. She took her time and spent three hours on him. She was able to deduced with that he's had asthma as a kid.
While waiting I got a massage myself. Mary was awesome. Being a therapist, I am super picky with pressure .  Mary really beat me up and loosen up my numerous knots. All her therapists are really strong and well versed in true deep tissue. The guy who work on the boy was really good as well. For 45 dollars an hour? or 65 90 minutes? like really? the value is freaking awesome. 

To the reviewer with the coerced tipping (which is a totally ridiculous and sucky experience that I am very sad you went through) I really think you went to the wrong shop. There are a bunch of these offices down this long hallway. It's hard to imagine anyone in Dr. Liu's forcing a client to give a mandated tip."


Bilal A. on 04/09/2010 wrote:

Liu is unbelievable.  I have had pain issues for a while and tried a couple of different treatments.  Her intuition and experience about just giving her an area to examine, and she will do her magic hands to find the chi flows and then hit the right nerves to release ALL the tightness in that area.  These are some of the techniques that I believe are passed from ancient China.  Amazing understanding of human anatomy that I hope our western health will catch up to one day.  

If you ask her how it works, "Improper blood pressure and chi flows (hypertension) are cured by acupuncture, acupressure and herbs".   

And it really works Liu.  I agree.  Cheers.